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Try it! Extended child’s pose

Sanskrit: Utthita Balasana

This is one of my favourite yoga postures! We direct our focus inwards, away from the outside world. It is a forward bend - a calming, resting and restorative pose.

Try it: *kneel on your mat *touch your big toes together, knees as wide as your mat

*sit on your heels

*bend forward from your hips *relax the upper body between your thighs towards the floor

*arms extended, relax your shoulders away from your ears

*lengthen your tailbone

*you can stay on this pose for a few breaths and up to a few minutes

*the pressing of the belly on thighs reminds us to deep breathe

*to come back up to kneeling *inhale, place your hands by the side of your face

*engage your core and lift from the tailbone up


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